Go inside a zombie's head in this trippy 3 minute film, as a girl who's bitten descends into madness.

Written, Directed & Edited: Ross Williams
Cinematography: Levi Anderson
SFX Makeup: Meredith Roberts & Matt Hendrix
Starring: Mig Windows

Cameraman Bio

Levi J AndersonAnderson began work in the film/video industry as a company grip in Southern Oregon. Years of G/E led him to Key Grip on a handful of indie films as well as becoming the go-to Lighting Technician for commercial work in the Rogue Valley.

In 2012 Anderson took the reins of director Alex William's Canon 5D to shoot Masked, and quickly followed that up as DP on Ray Robison's Vampire Camp. Both films went on to win festival awards. His most recent camera work will be seen on the upcoming The Long Way (2017), a road trip feature from 541 Productions.


Best Film - KVHFF 2014 for Masked (2013).
Best Film - LA Vampire Festival for Vampire Camp (2013).



The Long Way movie

The Long Way (2017)

From Trudy Sargent & 541 Productions

An idealistic writer tries to rationalize his decision to move to Los Angeles on a cross-country road trip.

I Want Abs (2016)

From director Sergei Boutenko

I Want Abs is a feature-length documentary about how fitness can lead to total life transformation.

Prowler (2015)

From director Randy Granstrom

Anything worth having doesn't come easy in this creepy POV film when a stalker meets his match with an intended victim.

M is for Madness video still

Necrotic (2014)

From director Ross Williams.

Go inside a zombie's head in this trippy 3 minute film, as a girl who's bitten descends into madness while changing into a zombie.

Common Weeds video still

Common Weeds and Wild Edibles (2015)

From director Sergei Boutenko

I was 2nd Camera under DP Kent Romney, in charge of all common edibles close-up shots.

Buster Bright Boy video still

Buster Bright Boy (2013)

From director Kristopher J. Ballard.

Abandoned by his father at a young age, Buster continuously struggles with fighting the Bejesus that causes him to act oddly to those he interacts with.

Masked video still

Masked (2013)

From director Alex Williams

KVHFF 2013 - Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor

This indie Thriller from Random Axe Entertainment won "Best Film" at the 2013 Killer Valley Horror Film Festival. It follows a young journalist and family man named Alex who's interrogated by a criminal psychologist after he and his family are attacked by a masked man.

Vampire Camp video still

Vampire Camp (2012)

LA Vampire Film Festival 2013 - Best Film

This feature length Comedy/Horror from Director Ray Robison was released in the winter of 2012-13. The film stars Cat Gould and Scott Ford and features special effects from Randy Granstrom of Killer Valley Films.

Four Daughters - short film

Four Daughters (2012)

DC Shorts Fest 2012
Gig Harbor Film Festival 2012
Firehouse Film Festival 2012
AIFF 2012

This short film is written and directed by Ray Robison, and stars Jennifer Murphy and Doug Warner. The father of the bride is consoled by his deceased daughter.

Additional Camerawork from Years Past

1st Men on Planet 9 (2012)

1st Men on Planet 9 video stillAwards: - KVHFF 2012 - Best Film
This short film from Randy Granstrom of Killer Valley Films follows survivors of a spacecraft crash on an alien planet in a comical homage to Sci/Fi cinema of the past. Special Effects Cinematography by Levi Anderson & Live Action Cinematography by Ross Williams.

Local and Legend Music Festival (2012)

Local and LegendA day-long festival celebrating local New Jersey musicians alongside legendary Rock & Roll Hall-of-Famer Bernie Worrell (musical director and keyboardist for Parliament-Funkadelic and visionary keyboardist for Talking Heads).

Pioneers of Punk (2009)

Pioneers of PunkFrom the extreme edge of the counter-culture to a modern mainstream pop-culture phenomena, "Pioneers of Punk" documents the personal journey of the individuals in this scene. A series of up-close and personal interviews offers up an in-depth view into the intimate underpinnings and personal motivations of an extraordinary array of unique and uncompromising artists.

Sirius Productionz Live Concert Series (2011-12)

Sirius ProductionzThe first series from Sirius Productionz highlighting their concerts and live music events in Southern Oregon. Artists include Jon Wayne and the Pain, Organik Time Machine, SAGE, and SYNRGY.

G.G. Elvis: Back from the Dead (2008)

G.G. Elvis: Back from the Dead Bonus DVDThis CD/DVD Combo was produced by Mental Entertainment for the Punk Rock Band G.G. Elvis. Levi Anderson was the cinematographer for 5 studio videos, included on a Bonus DVD bundled with the CD, plus live concert footage for use in viral marketing.

Confident Cooking (2007)

Allyson's Kitchen Confident CookingLevi of SidFilmz produced and directed a short series of web videos for Allyson's Kitchen to demonstrate their Cooking Classes to new customers, as well as some instructional videos to promote Knife Maintenance and Safety for the employees. All handheld camerawork is done by Levi Anderson.

The Filthy Pirate (2007)

The Filthy PirateThis NSFW web series, directed by John Foote, was shot as complimentary storyline to a music video for rock group, Nothing Error. All handheld camerawork is done by Levi Anderson.

Hangman (2007)

Hangman, music videoThe Socially Retarded (TSR), released this track on both a single, and full-length album: As One Voice, distributed by Mental Records. The video was directed by John Foote, studio video by Blue Star, and field video by Levi Anderson.

The Partisan (2004)

The Partisan"Tom: And when did we start listening to crackpots anyhow?
Stanley: When I started dying, Tom. That's when."
No matter how you swing it, you gotta watch this motion picture from the brainchild of Mike Furlong. Furlong wrote, starred in, and directed The Partisan. This production was co-stars Brian LeBlanc and features Levi Anderson, Doug Rummell, and Matt Body.

I Kappa Foo: Pt. 2 (2004)

I Kappa Foo: Pt. 2 video stillWritten & Directed by Levi Anderson, this follow-up to the successful college video release of I Kappa Foo features a solid cameo from Anderson in the introductory clip. As we meet new character, Saucey, Anderson plays a polite boyfriend who gets his proposal interrupted by Saucey.