Levi Anderson

Digital Media Producer

ph: (541) 701-9737 email: levi@sidfilmz.com

Let's Talk Trash

http://www.oregonmetro.gov/filmcontest - Talking Trash can sometimes be intimidating, but this video introduces a whole community that is happy to talk trash - to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. When the Portland Metro area is looking for somewhere to put it’s trash, the citizens of Gilliam County step up to handle the load.

With a hearty Thank You to the residents of Gilliam County.

This video was directed by Gilliam County's own Levi Anderson.

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Award-Winning Filmmaker

Award Winner

In this clip from the Killer Valley Horror Film Festival 2007, after winning the KVHFF 2007 Best Actor Award, Levi was surprised to also be given the "For Love, Not Money" Bison Filmmaking Award from director Ray Robison.

Award-Winning Actor


Best Actor - 2014 KVHFF
Duct-taped in a serial killer's basement, crash-landing on alien planets, surviving zombie attack after zombie attack (well, except one time that I didn't get away), but then surviving another zombie attack, being bitten by a vampire, turning into a robot, and having some of the most awkward sex imaginable. Yup, that's what I do.



I like to shoot video, I do. My own gear may be lacking (a couple of Canon HD HF G10s), but I have shot with the latest from Sony, Canon, Panasonic, and RED. From SD to HD to 4k and beyond... well I haven't gotten to shoot on IMAX 65mm in 3-D yet, but just give me time.

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