I love to shoot: handheld, easy-rig, steadicam, strapped by my shoulders hanging out the back of my Subaru - I love to shoot :)

Assistant Director

Specializing in ULB & Modified Low Budget indie films ($50-250k). Every film needs an AD! Why shouldn't your AD be me?

Award-Winning Actor

I'm often typecast as a bartender or a naked dude, and in either case that guy is most likely on the run from zombies.

About Levi

Levi J AndersonYeah, yeah, yeah - I hear it all the time, "Pick a job and stick to it." But, it just so happens that I love making films and have spent years working nearly every department outside of hair, makeup, and wardrobe.

So, while I can't just stick to one job, I at least stay within one industry. Crafting stories and creating something new & unique is the most rewarding part of everything I do.

So, if you've got an indie film project coming up and are looking for an experienced (while affordable) Assistant Director - then hit me up, and let's talk!

Otherwise, may I ask if you've already hired your camera crew? 'Cause I love to shoot, but am also down to gain experience from other well-traveled cinematographers if you've already got one.

And, at the very least, if there are any characters in your film that show their butt, whom you haven't cast yet, may I direct you to my acting reel? I also make funny faces, in case it's "not that kind of film".

Hey Look - I'm In the Press!

Even More Jobs I've Done

  • Grip & Electrician - Commercial
    • Maddox Visual - multiple commercials - Key Grip (2012-14)
    • Red Arrow Industries - Best Ever Treehouses (HGTV) (2013)
    • Actual Industries - Harry & David product videos - Key Grip (2013)
    • Al Jazeera America - field news piece - Key Grip (2013)
    • Motorcycle Superstore - commercial - G/E Swing (2013)
    • Joma Films - Cicily's Pastaria - (2012)
    • Jackhammer Films - multiple commercials - G/E Swing (2004-05)
    • Lithia Motors - multiple commercials - G/E Swing (2004-05)
  • Sound Recordist
    • GAP: Western Commercial - Boom Op & Field Mixer (2013)
    • Redwood Highway - Boom Op (2012)
    • Bigfoot Chronicles - Boom Op & Field Mixer (2012)

Let's Talk Trash

Community Project (2015)
for residents of Gilliam County - Talking Trash can sometimes be intimidating, but this video introduces a whole community that is happy to talk trash - to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. When the Portland Metro area is looking for somewhere to put it's trash, the citizens of Gilliam County step up to handle the load.

This video was directed by Gilliam County's own Levi Anderson, with a hearty Thank You to the residents of Gilliam County.

For more information, visit these links: